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The Number 1 Australian natural perfume, organic perfume, vegan friendly, alcohol free perfume and candle line

ALKOOMIE perfume house has been turning heads since the naked launch of their Australian inspired fragrance and candle line.

Here is what beauty expert Amy Holiber had to say about the ALKOOMIE range.

ALKOOMIE PARFUM Renata Helfman Beauty Blog
When I first started my journey on the path toward chemical free beauty products, some transitions were a no-brainer, and some a little more difficult. Easy to see an immediate difference in my skin when I made the swtich to natural moisturizers and foundations, but giving up my old school mascara was really rough. Harder still, was saying goodbye to my signature fragrances, which I wore like a comfy pair of jeans every day. I mean, we’re talking years of Coco Chanel, among others. But then came along ALKOOMIE, and suddenly my old perfume standbys became a thing of the past.
ALKOOMIE is a luscious perfume brand based in Australia. Everything about these hand crafted perfumes screams delicious and sexy, and they have become a daily staple in my beauty routine. Created by Nadia Hunter, these dreamy flower essences are crafted by a special steam distillation process, and are then blended into a certified organic, alcohol free base. I was lucky to be able to try the sample pack, which Renata and I dove into like two giddy beauty junkies. What’s amazing is that we truly LOVED all 5 scents, and, in my experience, its hard to even find one great fragrance- so right away I knew this line was special.
My personal fave is PURE GOLD, which is slightly spicy, and infused with sandalwood and amber. Plus, the bottle is filled with actual 23 karat gold flakes, which ups the sexy factor even more. Renata was partial to AURORA, which smells a bit like autumn- with coffee, vanilla and Nagchampa notes.
ELIXIR FIRST BLOOM is ALKOOMIE’s newest scent, and is reminiscent of the far east, smelling deliciously like rose and ylang ylang. I love the SILK TEMPLE perfume for its ultra feminine, slightly powdery ( but in a good way ) finish. Rounding out the collection is ORGANIC BLOOM, which starts out kind of citrusy, and then morphs into a sensual blend of moss and sandalwood. This collection is so genius, because each fragrance is really individual, yet they all smell so amazing! The chic little bottle has a rollerball on top for easy application and touch-ups, and is compact enough to throw right into my purse. We also LOVE the fact that ALKOOMIE donates a portion of profits to children’s education in the remote regions of Australia. Somehow, that makes them smell even better! Combining pure, healthy, hand crafted essences that also give back to the community is really the ultimate definition of beauty.
Try these insanely wonderful fragrances, and be prepared to fall in love...
This post written by contributing expert Amy Holiber.
Amy Holiber is a makeup artist and has been a contributor to LUCKY, MORE, and ELLE magazines.

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For eco savvy peeps of the world, ALKOOMIE perfume house blends botanical, vegan ingredients to create exquisite organic perfumes, blended into an alcohol free, certified organic base.

Inspired by an ancient landscape, where beauty blooms under a desert sky. 

The alluring botanical fragrance by perfume house ALKOOMIE blends sophistication with subtle sexy.
ORGANIC BLOOM opens with a sparkling citrus accord, flowing into radiant heart notes of Boronia, Jasmine and Rose.  The unique organic perfume then quietly meanders into a sultry, powder dry down of sandalwood, labdanum and oakmoss. 

In addition, ORGANIC BLOOM contains Boab Flower Essence to complete this beautiful Australian fragrance.

The precious, hand crafted eau de parfum, bestows an aura of soft sensuality, perfectly aligning the fresh, sparkling citrus and chic chypre finish, making it the must have for this season.

ALKOOMIE perfume house is a proud supporter of Telethon and the Ride to conquer cancer.
“ALKOOMIE perfume house prides itself on gently coaxing a flower’s essence by steam distillation. In doing so, the flowers essence seems to live on, recreating the beauty of a garden that you can protectively carry with you, wherever you go.”

In modern stylish atomizer or roll on bottles, ALKOOMIE perfumes are a sophisticated quality alternative to traditional organic fragrances.
ALKOOMIE perfume house
the beginning..

I spent my childhood in a small leafy suburb in the hills of Perth, where after the rain, the forest leaves and nuts would release a beautiful fragrance as you walked down the path. Roses, Jasmine and Honeysuckle adorned our garden and I would immerse myself for hours in this olfactory heaven, content and in awe of what seemed the largest paradise for me to explore.
A child of nature, I could always be found collecting seed pods, flowers and heart shaped leaves, protectively carrying my treasure in the fold of my dress. It was a little piece of nature, just for me that I could hold in my hands and carry with me wherever I went.
These fond memories have never faded, nor my love of all things fragrant and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Lifting a rose delicately, as you deeply inhale the pure perfume, fills the soul with joy and opens the heart to perfume in it's purest form.
No matter how mankind tries to replicate this natural wonder, we fall short of the pure splendour that only nature can effortlessly provide.
ALKOOMIE perfume house prides itself on gently coaxing a flowers essence by steam distillation. Blended in bespoke, artisan batches to ensure quality and purity of each and every perfume.
In doing so, the flowers essence seems to live on, recreating the beauty of a garden that you can protectively carry with you, wherever you go.
Founder of ALKOOMIE perfume house
NAKED ingredients the way NATURE intended™
NADIA HUNTER has worked in the Spa, Hotel and Health industry for over ten years. Her love of fine, botanical fragrance has lead to the official launch of her botanical range of fragrances.

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